Peanut’s Story

Today is Peanut’s birthday.

“Where did your hair come from, Peanut?”

As per tradition, I thought I would share her entry into the post-natal world.

The pre-natal time was pretty typical for us. Jenny once again was treated for the gestational diabetes. As a result of this complication, an induction was planned about a week before the official due date for fear baby would be too big. We were given the date of 9/6 to be on standby for the induction, starting at 0500. No call. A few hours pass. A call from the hospital….need to wait a few hours until a room opens up. We wait some more…another call; another delay. This went on all day until the early evening. Nothing like a test of patience for sure!

The phone rings.

Time to go!


Here’s the play by play in corporate bullet format:

  • We check in at Labor & Delivery (L&D)
  • The usual hurry up and wait that comes along with labor and delivery ensues.
  • Nurses hook up Jenny to an IV and start the pitocin.
  • Labor gets started.
  • The nurses kick it up a notch.
  • Water gets broken.
  • Pitocin gets increased to eleven
  • Trouble: Fetal heart rate drops on each contraction after water breakage.
  • Doctor comes up to see what’s going on. They try to have Jenny change positions but no change to the heart rate issue.
  • After a few rounds of contractions, they were concerned enough about the baby’s vitals, so they decided to stop labor … C O L D. I don’t recall the name of the drug that they used as an anti-pitocin.  The only way I can describe this in a manly way is to imagine yourself driving along the interstate in a five-speed manual transmission. Pick any ol’ highway. Highway “Faarty” here in STL. The Ike in Chicago. The 405 in SoCal…someplace where you can drive at a decent clip in fifth gear (ok…maybe not the 405).  Then drop it from 5th at 70+ MPH into REVERSE….grind, gears-gnashing their teeth, etc…transmission on the ground behind you…painful sounds (at least with the car!)
  • Things get stabilized after perhaps 30 minutes.
  • Fetal heart rate returns to nominal levels.
  • Doctor and L&D nurses keep cool as if they do this every day.
  • Pitocin turned back on, s l o w l y.
  • Labor and delivery continue a few more hours and and little Peanut was born early the next morning. Mom and baby are just fine, Deo Gratias!  We were all doing so well that we only needed to stay one whole night post-partum vs. the usual two.

So, what caused all of the heart rate problems?  You see, as she was in the process of being born, her little hand was doing the death-grip on her umbilical cord. During the über contractions as a result of the pitocin along with post-water-breakage low amniotic fluid levels, there was not much cushioning inside the womb. The contractions pushed on her little hand against her little body, which forced the grip on the umbilical cord to smoosh it, resulting in less blood flow.  You little stinker!  Five years later, the stinkerness has yet to wear off.

Happy Birthday, Peanut!



Miss Peanut after riding a shetland…the perfect size horse for her.



  1. theadamsemail commented on Peanut’s Story

    We are so happy you are here, little Peanut. May Heaven smile always on your days!
    Love, Your Godparents 🙂

    Ed: I accidentally deleted this 😦

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