Top Five Reasons Why I Have The Best Wife

Quick post…Top Five (5) reasons why I have the best wife…ever (I’m not gonna do it the other way that ends in AH like some other bloggers.)

#5 I have delicious meals every day
#4 My children are clean and well-mannered
#3 She helps me keep the budget balanced
#2 She is generous

And finally…

#1 She kept me from having an utter #FAIL yesterday by reminding me that it was Cufflink Shirt Wednesday! Workplace humility check avoided (at least for this issue). Woo hoo!

What a gal!



  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa–you talk about your goblet/mug you drink out of being the best glass EVAH but you won’t give your wife the EVAH?!

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