Meet Bessie 1.0

Dear friends,

This past Saturday, we decided to do something new. As many if you know, we have been following (relatively closely) the Dave Ramsey approach to family finances. We have done Financial Peace University and it was very helpful for us.

We tend to focus our attention to the budget process as well as trying to find good deals and take advantage of them when we’re able.

This past Saturday, we executed one of those deals…we purchased a side of beef from a great local butcher shop, Kenrick’s. A side of beef is roughly 1/2 a cow…300+ pounds of beef! It is a lot of meat at one time but the price is a steal at just over $3 a pound.

We were a little apprehensive about this initially because we had no idea how much room it would take in our freezer, whether it would fit in the van or not, would this benefit our budgeting process in the long run, etc. Well, I guess we’re gonna find out!

We showed up Saturday morning around 9:00 and told them we were here to pick up our order. I knew we were going to get numerous boxes of meat when the guy who served us brought the heavy duty cart to the back freezer. A few minutes later, he emerged with seven (7) large boxes all taped up and labeled nicely for us.

I went to go pay. All that was on the ticket and cash register screen (other than the price) was the word BEEF. Nothing else. It was awesome. I paid the lady and the guy from behind the counter loaded up the back of the van for us.

Here is Bessy being admired by two of my girls:


This order of meat took nearly all of our freezer. I did underestimate that part. Now we know!


I wonder how long it’ll last? Bon Appetit!


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