Marc’s view on Generosity – Part Deux

I wrote recently on generosity. I need to add an addendum that speaks to some über generosity…that is from my lovely bride.

I have had a lot on my mind lately. I have let it fester to where it bothers the equilibrium at home…to the point where the children have noticed it, so then there is a problem. I do not have a good poker face. If I did, I would certainly be putting it to good use!

Anyway, my dear bride wanted to make a sacrifice for me…one of time. I wanted an hour or so each day to discern some things, do some journaling, etc., so I can create an action plan of some sort by the end of August. I started on Wed night and it is really working out well.

Bottom line…I have the bestest wife…EVAH!

Thank you, Jenny for your love and your sacrifice!


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