“This is Providential, you see”

I am one not to believe much in coincidence anymore. Some years back, our beloved first rector at St. Francis de Sales would often say something along these lines when things lined up nicely:

“Well, zis is Providential, you see…” (he was from Cologne, Germany)

Yesterday, my dear bride woke up very early with a bad stomach ache. It ended up being some bug that pretty much wiped her out in the usual way these bugs operate. No need for further details I am sure. No problem…I will work from home. It went about as well as possible as I was able to practice the art of delegation to my girls. I still need more practice but they were able to prepare lunch without my assistance and the rise to the occasion later.

Here is the “Well, zis is Providential, you see…” part. Had my wife not been sick this morning, it would have been a more difficult logistic situation as I would have been at the office, some 40 min away. God knows what He’s doing.

At about 3:45 there is screaming coming from upstairs. “No biggie” I thought…this happens daily. A few more seconds go by and I hear screams about blood and Bubba’s head.

Uh oh.

Down comes Bubba with bloody hands from holding the back of his head. He whacked about a 1″ gash in it as a result of hitting the corner of a partition in the girls’ room. They were playing Covered Wagon and they pretended their horses moved suddenly which would cause them to lean backwards…but Joe leaned back too far and too fast. Out comes the blood.

At first I thought it was not that bad but after getting the opinion of my good doc friend (he doesn’t play one on TV though) I decided he needed to make an ER visit.

My bride is still quite under the weather. She couldn’t pick up the baby out of weakness. I looked my two oldest in the eyes and told them how much I needed them to help their mother and they need to help the best they can. And they did!! I was so proud of them.

My little man, Bubba, and I drove off to the hospital. This whole time he was exactly his normal sanguine self with the exception of being a little light on blood.

I have been working with him to help him stay calm in other situations lately. He really did great with this whole situation. He let the nurses check him over without any fussing or crying…same with the doctor. I think he was more fascinated with how the wall clock worked in the hospital room than anything else.

He now has his fist battle wound as a little boy – three (3) staples on the back of his head. And he didn’t even flinch with the anesthesia and stapler.

Have you entrusted your children with some household tasks that you’d rather do yourself? Did they rise to the occasion? Did you tell them how well they did?

Have you been building up their confidence but not their pride?

Thank you for reading!


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