Running? Moi?

Most of you do not know me in person. In my Twitter/Avatar image you see this dude wearing a fedora in the picture. I could just be some floating head in St. Louis with no body, right? 🙂

I have made 2012 a year of doing a few things deliberately. I am taking action on my career by being more proactive and taking permission to make things better. I have made other goals for the year surrounding my Catholic faith, family and social life. I have one other…that is my health.

Ya see, for most of my life I have been terribly overweight. I’ve gone back and forth with some success to fix this problem but old and bad habits die hard. Since this is a spiritual issue just as much as a medical one, I had to attack it from both sides by a series of resolutions, goals, etc. My rationale is simple. I am the father of 6 children, ten years old and under, here on earth. My example is far more powerful than any words I could say. They deserve to have their daddy in decent shape so he can be more active in playing etc,. versus ‘actively participating’ on a couch.

About a year ago, I started a regular routine that included some basic calisthenics (the old RCAF 5BX) and walking about my ‘hood in the mornings before anyone was awake. That started to show some results, mostly in weight loss.

As the winter months moved in, I transitioned my outdoor walk to our elliptical machine. I can kill two birds with one stone on that by doing the exercise and reading…even better now that we have an iPad…I don’t have to MacGyver the darn book to make it stay open! During the past few months, although the weight loss has been relatively flat, I have increased my cardiovascular endurance..more than I thought.

Where is this going?

A couple of weeks back, two good friends of mine Joe & John invited me to go running with them in Forest Park after work this past Monday. Me? Running? I NEVER thought of myself as a runner in High School when I was almost always last in PE class stuff. I have dabbled a little with it via the C25K app by running 90 sec at a time, etc. They knew that I was using this app. Should I also mention that these to buddies are training for a marathon this fall? And one of them recently ran a 50K race?! INSANE! Bottom line–these guys are pros.

They said they did not care.

They meant it!

We had a great time. They wanted to get the time in vs any amount of distance. We’d run together, they’d get ahead of Monsieur Slow Poke and circle back and give encouragement.

I managed to run probably 60% of the time which would not have happened without their encouragement. That included up and down Cardiac Art Hill…twice. I suppose that’s a St. Louis equivalent of the famous Rocky steps in Philly.

It wasn’t Olympic material by any means.

Long story short. I am very glad I went along. It’s amazing what good friends who give a little encouragement can do to someone’s confidence and pull on the rope vs pushing it.

Hmm…how may I apply this elsewhere?

How about you? Any good examples of encouragement that were given to you that pulled you along ??




    1. We just did that one afternoon. But I get up ridiculously early to exercise. (0400 is ridiculous)

      Otherwise the stuff doesn’t get done.

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