Cost of raising children

I have heard it takes 6 figures worth of funds to raise a single child.


What is important? I know it is not *STUFF*. Stuff breaks, gets lost or deteriorates after just 3 uses as some recent toys have done for us since they’re so poorly made.

How’s this instead…give the children a project to work on. This summer we gave our kiddos a project. Simply to water our little makeshift garden in the corner of the patio. (We are considering something bigger for next year…borrowing a tiller…power tools…grunt grunt)

The fruits of their labor, despite the recent scorching and dry weather here in the Rome of the West, produced a tomato with more on the way. They were so excited!


Keep the expensive toys. Projects to be proud of like this will probably produce better memories.

Do you have any stories to share like this?



  1. Great post Marc! I would agree. We really don’t need a lot to get by, kids especially, since they naturally have such great imaginations!

    1. You should have seen what they did with a couple of empty boxes from window a/c units. Slides, newspapers et.

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