Happy Birthday to “Flip”

Today (Monday) is Flip’s 2nd birthday. Two years ago, the wife and I had the most excitement ever with the labor and delivery of our children. He was #5 to be born.

Because of the wife’s repeating gestational diabetes, she is usually induced a week or so early on the due-date because of the fear that the baby will be too large to deliver in the usual manner.

In the case of starting her labor with this little one, it was pretty much like most of the others. She was given the pitocin (sp?) and things got started. She labored for several hours and at one point her water broke. The nurses come in to do their usual thing…but something wasn’t right…

Another nurse comes in….something still ain’t right…

Hmm…what’s going on? I’m in the usual fog of the husband of being up all night encouraging the wife in her laboring and keeping her comfortable. In other words, pretty clueless.

Before I go on…have any of my billions and billions of readers ever seen “The Blues Brothers?” You may recall a scene towards the end when the entire Illinois State Police, Chicago Police and of course the Illinois Nazi Party are chasing after our heroes, Jake and Ellwood. All of the sudden the SWAT team’s scaling the downtown Chicago buildings (“Hut Hut Hut Hut…”)

…that is exactly what the next part of the story reminds me of…but instead of going after Jake and Elwood, the OB SWAT team shows up in our L&D room. I’m still in the fog…until one of the RN’s puts those pneumatic boots on my wife’s calves….wait…the only time those are used is for surgery. I think OH S&$#, we’re going to have a emergency C-section!! Definitely not part of the plan!!

To make a long story short…With the precision of a well-executed football play, the OB team (in what looked like utter chaos to this layman) prepped my wife, me and everyone else for the surgery, whisked the wife away, put the gown, cap & booties on me and within 10 min or so, little Flip was born. You see..Mr. Flip decided to flip breech when the water broke….perfect nickname for him, no?

He’s now two and just as much of a stinker as the other kiddos.

Happy Birthday little man!




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