Does God Have a Sense of Humor?

It has been a long day for my the wife.  I gather the following have occurred, in no particular order:

  1. Gabbynot misbehaved and was forbidden from playing the piano (one of her passions) for the day.
  2. Tea cakes were burned. They were for a long-awaited tea party with a good friend this evening.
  3. Yours truly, while engrossed in my work for today forgot the following…that I was going to BBQ dinner, that I needed to get some things at the store, and that I needed to mow the front yard, so that disrupted the dinner and other evening event timing.
  4. Dishwasher started to smell smoke since some homemade dishwasher soap managed to cake itself on the heating elements.
  5. Probably a few other things that either I have forgotten or was strategically not told about 😉

Sounds like a real SWELL day, no?  

I really thought my dear bride was going to break down.  Finally, though, the day ends and we gather for the evening bedtime prayers.  Just as we start the Memorare for the quick recovery for our dear Rector, <Insert God’s sense of humor and absolutely perfect timing here> my little man, Flip, innocently egresses a rather noisy toot.  The wife starts cracking up and can barely finish the family prayers.

Thus a stressful day for the wife ended with joyful laughter and stress relieved.  With our large family, often we are faced with days that lack order and/or discipline.  God shows his love and caring for us by these little events to help us down here on earth to keep it real.


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