Friday night with the boys and “Tango Delta”

For the first time ever, I have a 24 hour period with my oldest, non-nursing boys. We had a delicious dinner…a non-steak-Friday favorite meal of  tuna casserole delightfully topped with French fried onions. Mmm. The three of us ate about half of a 9×13 pan!

So much for temperance today since we followed it up with a run to Tango Delta…(NO, not as in the tango and dancing. I don’t dance except maybe the Duck Dance or Electric Slide aided with a beer or two)  If there are any pilots or military guys out there you know the phonetic alphabet. Tango Delta was a term with a former houseguest to keep the words (actually I suppose it is a name) “Ted Drewes”  from being heard by the children…since they’d go nuts if they knew we were going after they went to bed.

Anyway, the boys were excited to go in my little clown car vs the standard-issue traddie homeschool van, 12pax variety.  They could have the windows down as we cruise down South Grand.

So, what’s in store for us tomorrow?  Pancakes and sausage breakfast with OJ and then our secret event. More on that later.

On a serious note…

I am excited to spend this man time with the boys. We have 6 children with us here on earth. I am not able to give them all of my attention all of the time, so this little 24 hour outline change will let me focus a bit more on Bubba and Flip.  It has been a pleasure so far. I expect tomorrow to be even more fun as I have the boys in suspense as to what we are going to do.

What would you do in 24 hours with your children if you were able to focus on some vs. all of them?

In Christo Rege



One comment

  1. Sounds like you had a blast, we missed you, but we had a great girly trip!

    Peklet Mom and the Lady Peklets

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