Marc’s “Bucket List”

Happy Saturday to you all!

One of the few pop culture phrases I can tolerate and laugh at is the famous Bucket List…the list of things you want to do before you die or “kick the bucket.”

My list is relatively short at this time. Since it’s my blog, I will add to it as cool stuff comes to mind.

So here’s the list thus far in no particular order. Future posts will expand on each item on the list and to why they’re on it.

1.) Return to Italy. This will probably be perpetually on the list. Specifically Roma and Firenze. Cue up the Dean Martin songs!

2.) Toledo, Spain for the feast of Corpus Christi…my all-time favorite feast day.

3.) Become fluent in French. Je parle un peu du Français. (I don’t even know if I wrote that properly!)

4.) Become fluent in Italian, obviously, for the God-willing numerous visits noted in #1 above. When I was there a few years back I felt I really missed out on not being able to converse with the locals.

5.) Taste of Marc’s Travels trip for me and wife. Basically show her all the cities I’ve gone for domestic business travel.

6.) EntreLeadership Master Series. That seems to be the pinnacle in überness regarding leadership development. It is the basis of my favorite business book.

I’m sure there will be more.

What am I missing??

God bless,

PS…a small bucket for a small bucket list!



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