It’s Wednesday

It’s Wednesday. “Anything can happen day”. “Hump day”. Those may be the usual nicknames for today. Recently at my office, a couple of us decided to have what is now known as Cufflink Wednesday. This was an attempt to insert an element of class into the workplace in order to offset the lack of class shown on Fridays when many of us wear Hawaiian shirts.

I know that I will be tarred and feathered by many of my corporate peers and fellow bloggers, but I’d like to see a more formal workplace. It’s gotten too casual at times. Here’s to my attempt at nonconformity :

I will also write in future posts about each set of ‘links I have. I only have three sets so it will be a short series. These were given to me by my dad. I believe they were part of a wedding gift for groomsmen.

I submit to you the pearl and saucer Cufflinks.



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