Help #SaveTheShrine


Photo courtesy of DW.

As many of you know, the Shine of Christ the King in Chicago is the United States’ HQ for our beloved Institute of Christ the King.  When we visit my family a few times a year up there, we attend Holy Mass at the shrine.  We’ve gotten to know several of the Shrine families as well.

On 07 October 2015AD, the Shrine suffered a devastating fire (more info at this link).  Interestingly enough, that was 1.) the Feast of the Holy Rosary and 2.) The anniversary date of the Institute’s reception of Pontifical Rite status.  Shortly after the fire, Msgr. Schmitz came to be with the faithful and gave this sermon in which he reminded us of the link of the two dates and that this could only be diabolical work.

Photo Courtesy of the Institute of Christ the King

There is more information on the effort to #SaveTheShrine in which they are trying to convince the Archdiocese and the City of Chicago to consider alternates to demolishing the remaining structure.  I would invite you to visit their site,, and to also sign the petition.

I was away on travel on the morning of 7 October. It was terrible to wake up to that news on that morning.  It is tragic, but being Mr. Ubersanguine here, I still contend that the fire will result in a greater shrine and stronger community.  The efforts, as good as they were by the faithful there, just was not good enough for our Infant King.

This was FRONT PAGE NEWS in Chicago for a few days after the fire.  It has recently come back on the news when it was announced that the archdiocese was going forward with the demolition.  It got around the internet as well outside of Chicago.  Had there not been a fire…it never would’ve made this kind of news and the work they have been doing would still remain (at least in the secular world) non-existent.  Now many people know of the work, and it’s gelling quite a patchwork of folks who never would have gotten together.  I enjoy reading and following this from my post in St. Louis.

Please pray for the clergy and faithful for strength and perseverance.

God’s Will be done!

Brief Christmas Meditation from St Francis de Sales

From his sermons for Advent and Christmas:

Consider, I beg you, this little newborn Infant in the manger at  Bethlehem. Listen to what He says to you. Look at the example He gives you. He has chosen the most bitter, the poorest things imaginable for His birth. Oh God! Whoever remains close to this manger during the Christmas octave will melt with love in seeing this little Infant in so poor a place, weeping and trembling from the cold. Oh, you will see how reverently the glorious Virgin your Mother kept looking at His heart, all of flame with love, as she wipes the sweet tears which flowed so softly from the gentle eyes of the blessed Babe! How she ran after the sweet fragrance of his virtues!


Christmas in the County

Ahh…Merry Christmas everyone, or as Flip and Bruiser say, “Crit-mas.”

Firstly, our new home has a real mantle over what I hope is a functioning fireplace. We need to get it inspected sometime soon. “Chim Chim Cher-ee” anyone?

Finally our newest arrival, Firenze, takes a little nap by the solid version of my favorite liquor.

Buon Natale, everyone!

There’re a bunch of savages in this town…

Really….what kind of a nut job steals a confessional door?

One of the Missionaries of Mercy as there is just too much clarity in direction coming out of the Oratory?

Someone upset about the restored bells?

One of Ann Barnhardt and Steve Skojek’s shape shifting lizard Jew friends?

I don’t know. Do please pray for this person that he may return the door and then use the confessional to get washed up.

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