Melo’s Featured in Catholic St Louis Magazine!

As I have written before, I love patronizing and promoting small businesses in the area.  They really are a pleasure to do business with nearly all of the time.  Plus my parents both owned their own small businesses near Chicago.

After having breakfast with my brood this morning, one of my daughters pointed out that Melo’s Pizzeria was featured in the latest edition of the Catholic St. Louis magazine which the Archdiocese publishes.  Melo’s is owned by a wonderful family whom we know at St. Francis de Sales. They also own the Blues City Deli.

Here’s the article:

Here’s Melo’s website:  My vote is for The Veets.

Whilst your in the neighborhood, why not go to the Blues City Deli too!  Get the Daddy-O Combo!

If my office was near this corner of the city, I’d be eating there ALL. THE. TIME.

Buon appetito!

Near perfection…

My work has called me out of town on numerous occasions this year, mostly to the greater People’s Republik of Seattle area. That has fortunately/unfortunately granted me recent upgrade to my frequent flier status. My flight on Thursday evening was less than full so I was granted an un-requested First Class upgrade.
Therefore I was able to enjoy a pro-bono near-Timman beverage (Dewars Scotch v. Bourbon) at 39,000 feet and Dom Guaranger. Pretty close to perfection I’d say 😄.

Please continue to pray for our nation during this novena to the Immaculate Conception.

Novena to the Immaculate Conception

Following the suggestion by our dear Canon Silvey, I wanted to post the Novena Prayer to the Immaculate Conception.  It will be prayed, starting this evening, at St. Francis de Sales after each Mass.  Canon suggested we offer this prayer in thanksgiving to our nation’s patroness for her love and mercy in light of our recent presidential election.

Oh, Virgin Immaculate, who was pleasing in the Lord’s sight and didst become His Mother, look graciously upon the wretched who implore thy mighty patronage.  The wicked serpent, against whom the primal curse was hurled, continues none the less to wage war and to lay snares for the unhappy children of eve. Ah, do thou, our blessed Mother, our Queen and Advocate, who from the first instant of thy conception didst crush the head of our enemy, receive the prayers that we unite single-handedly to thine and conjur thee to offer at the throne of God, that we may never fall into the snares that are laid for us, in such wise that we may all come the haven of salvation; and in the midst of so many dangers may holy Church and the fellowship of Christians everywhere sing once more the hymn of deliverance, victory and peace. AMEN

The novena Mass schedule and “special guest-star homilists” are as follows:

Wednesday, November 30 –
6:30pm Low Mass – Novena,
Rev. Monsignor Mark Rivituso, JCL
Vicar General, Archdiocese Saint Louis

Thursday, December 1 –
6:30pm Low Mass – Novena,
Rev. Canon Jean – Baptiste Commins
Vicar, Saint Francis de Sales Oratory

Friday, December 2 –
6:30pm Low Mass – Novena,
Rev. Father Damien Dougherty, OFM
Professor Sacred Scripture, Archdiocese of Saint Louis

Saturday, December 3 –
8am Low Mass – Novena,
Rev. Canon David N. Silvey
Vicar, Saint Francis de Sales Oratory

Sunday, December 4 –
10am High Mass – Novena,
Rev. Father Juan Carlos Rivera Castro, SJ
Associate Pastor, Saint Francis Xavier parish

Monday, December 5 –
6:30pm Low Mass – Novena,
Rev. Father Thomas Keller
Pastor, Assumption parish

Tuesday, December 6 –
6:30pm Low Mass – Novena,
Rev. Father Eric Kunz
Pastor, St. Clare of Assisi parish

Wednesday, December 7 –
6:30pm Low Mass – Novena,
Rev. Father Brian Harrison, OS
Chaplain of St. Mary of the Victories chapel

Thursday, December 8 –
Feast of the Immaculate Conception – Holy Day of Obligation
Patroness of the Institute
6:30pm High Mass – Novena
Rev. Canon Michael K. Wiener
Rector, Saint Francis de Sales Oratory



New podcast!

I would like to invite my vast, international readership to tune into my friend Steve’s new podcast, the Catholic Movie Guy.

Although you may not agree with their assessment of the movie’s worth and artistic value, it is quite entertaining and I look forward to each new episode. It is definitely download-worthy and I have done so when I’ve had to travel…FAR better than airline entertainment!

His website is here:  They are also on iTunes.


Reflections on a recent funeral

I asked for your prayers for Joseph last week. Thank you for those prayers. I had the grace to attend his funeral out of town in Kansas City last Monday.

Canon Gardner of our beloved Institute celebrated a solemn requiem Mass.  He made several remarks in his sermon on Joseph’s final days and how well he embraced the few months he was expected to live.  Once he asked all of us, especially our children, to pray for his specific intention; for the remission of his sins so he may have reduced time in Purgatory.  They also started another prayer request, asking for Bl. Karl of Austria’s intention to cure an inoperable cancer.  God opted not to say yes to this latter prayer but from what we were able to gather, He did not turn down the former.  He had about two months of considerable discomfort and other sufferings and was granted the grace to die with all the necessary Sacraments in their Traditional form and the Apostolic Blessing near his passing.

Although I have attended the All Soul’s Mass numerous times in its Classical rite, it has always been in the “presence” of the catafalque.  Until last Monday, I had never attended a (for lack of a better word) “live” Solemn Requiem.  Along with that, I also attended his burial.  Someone more traditionally-savvy will need to tell me if it is typical to take a handful of dirt at the burial site and toss it on the lowered casket.  Of the entire event, that was by far the most moving and also the biggest reality check. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF.US. will be there at some point in the future.  Maybe next week, maybe next year, maybe next century.  It was a very clear and very cold reminder to always be ready for that dreadful day.

There was a beautiful burial plot prepared. It was a few feet from his saintly granddaughter who died shortly after birth some time ago. She had the grace of Baptism between her birth and passing.  The gravestone for her said “The little Catholic.”  This was another good reminder to always be ready for an emergency Baptism hen our wives are giving birth. Limbo still exists, y’all.

One final remark. In Joseph’s obituary it said the following:

“Fac recte, nec time” is the phrase on a plaque hanging in Joe’s library. It is a Latin phrase meaning “Do right, fear nothing.” There is no more concise phrase that better encapsulates Joe’s approach to life; it was his code. He valued right principle over opinion, stating often that “opinion is worth nothing unless it conforms to reality.” He was unwaveringly adherent to the truths of the Catholic Faith and endeavored to apply principles first. He always took his responsibilities seriously and will always be remembered by his family, friends, and colleagues as a staunch leader who never gave quarter; always fighting to the very end. All his life he truly held to Josue’s maxim: “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Pie Jesu Domine, Dona eis requiem. Amen

God rest his soul.

“Traditional” Thanksgiving Turkey Prep

Anyone who knows me is aware that I love pretty much all good things traditional…big T and little t tradition.  I recently saw this video and learned of this “tradition.”  I thought this was a great way to celebrate the 2nd Amendment’s stay of execution with Illary’s defeat🙂

Happy Thanksgiving! (and…don’t try this at home)