Marc’s Morsels – Episode 1

My fellow blogger over at Reclaiming the Sacred has started a new feature – Nomad Nuggets. I’m sure it’ll be some interesting tidbits of her adventures nomading around the globe. She kicked it off here:


Never missing the opportunity to rip-off collaborate, (as first referenced here: I hereby present Marc’s Morsels (pronounced mahr-sells for the locals).


Without any further ado…


Episode 1: Listen to your wife when she is concerned about your safety.


Late last year, I wrote about my experience at a trail run ( It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed the experience greatly*. However, The Wife, was concerned about this race for the 2-3 months that led up to it. That especially came home in the days immediately preceding the event as she had just brought my little Deductible Slayer home from a 23 day stay at a nearby hospital after heart and bowel surgery.   I heard stuff like, “Marc, you have not trained for this. This is out of your league.”


“Pffft! Poppycock! I’ll be fine. If it’s difficult, I’ll just walk it and make it a nice long hike. Besides, I’ll be going with a doctor.”


The Wife did not like this answer. But I suppose in the back of her mind, she must’ve been thinking, “My, he is SO brave, macho and strong!”




Probably more like, “Ooooh Kayyy…I’ll just let him learn his own lessons on this one.  Will I be a widow after this race?”


*I said above that I enjoyed the experience greatly…THAT DAY. It was quite a rush to complete this race in the picturesque snow, etc. I may be smiling in the picture from the race below but I smile no more as a result of it.



SO…what has the race provided me other than the bib #9-227, a neat windbreaker and really tasty beer after the race? Let me count the ways:

  1. Patella tendonitis
  2. Lower back pain
  3. Twelve (12) physical therapy sessions for #2 above.
  4. Continued reminder that #3 above has helped greatly but not fully cured even with the continuation of the PT exercises given
  5. Continued reminder that #1 above has not fully gone away either.
  6. Ridicule from The Wife for the rest of my life.

The moral of the story…our wives have intuition. Trust it :)

Pray for the persecuted Church

I shall put my usual sanguine silliness aside for this evening.

I really enjoy reading this blog,, as the writer has so many beautiful reflections on Holy Mother Church and other topics on tradition.

This afternoon’s post was quite different. I post the link below but will reiterate her caveat of an extremely graphic photo at the bottom of her post. That is a picture that shows the remains of an Iraqi young (presumably) Catholic lady who got in the way if the Islamic extremists making their way across Iraq.

The link:

God-willing, she was in the state of Grace and now as a martyr enjoys the Beatific Vision.

Those martyrs can now aid us in prayer; helping us to get over and offer up our considerably smaller problems and turn to Our Lord.


But, we shall not lose hope.

I think it is safe to assume that there were similar atrocities that led up to these great battles that are described in the YouTube videos below. Battles in which we, the Church Militant, were well out-manned and out-gunned…but as members if the True Church, armed with the Holy Rosary, we were victorious.

The Battle of Vienna

The Battle if Lepanto

The same priest tells both stories so well. I hope you find them just as encouraging.

All ye Iraqi martyrs, Orate Pro Nobis!

Four new canons of the Institute of Christ the King!

Dear friends

Please offer a prayer of Thanksgiving with me for our four new priestly canons!!

I’ll offer my usual “Te Deum, Anyone.”

I will assume the Institute’s main website will post more pictures later this week, but they did put a few here:

This year’s ordinations overseas was a little more meaningful to us as one of the canons ordained was our adopted seminarian, Abbé Canon Robert Vignaud.

Please pray for him as well as the other three canons ordained with him that they have a blessed priestly ministry.

Next stop, Saint Louis for four more to be ordained priests forever!